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How to Polishing And Edging Granite
The process of edging granite requires special cutting tools in order to ensure the uniformity and the accurate measurement of granite slabs or pieces. Granite is a composite stone made of mica, feldspar and quartz.

Granite Polishing Diamond Pads Make your Floor Shine
Granite rocks are just some of the many materials used for different construction purposes. Because of its characteristic being a strong mineral, it is one of these many materials that are used in many buildings and houses. ...

Granite Polishing--Brings Out The Beauty Of The Stone
Granite is the most durable of all known building stones. Granite is considered the ultimate luxury and many designers choose it for countertop materials, interiors and exteriors. It comes from all parts of the world, and thus you have granites with different textures, from large crystals to tiny granules, ...

How to Polish Concrete Floor
How to Polish Concrete Floor and concrete floor surface has been beautifully enhanced by polishing, it is time to discuss How to Polish Concrete Floor...

What is a Pad Backer?
A pad backer is described, comprising a backing plate, an elastomer layer and a pad backing ring. The elastomer layer has a bottom surface bonded to the backing plate and an upper surface with a protrudent part at the edge portion thereof..


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